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1-April 2016

Brea, CA—Helicopter buckets (helibuckets), also known as bambi buckets, are not only used to deliver water to aid in aerial firefighting anymore but are now used for exterior cleaning of high-rise buildings. Contract Services Group, Inc. (CSG) has jumped on this new use of technology and has outfitted a helicopter loaded with deionized water in its Bambi bucket. Why helicopter bucketdeionized water? The use of deionized water helps reduce the speed of buildup, as there are no minerals in the water due to the purification process. These minerals usually adhere to the glass and attract debris from the environment.

Bambi buckets hold anywhere from 72-2,600 gallons of water. The size and elevation of the high-rise building will determine which size bucket the cleaning crew will use.

It was recently discovered that using these helibuckets are the most efficient and fastest way to clean the building’s exterior and windows. The pressure released when the water is dropped onto the building has enough power to clean the windows in one quick motion, never leaving streaks.

Helibuckets usually contain fire retardant foam used to cool the fuel of the flames. However, when used in exterior cleaning, this foam is replaced with a cleaning agent to help wash away buildup from the building and deliver a protective coat to all glass material. The protective coat helps prevent damage to the windows and increases the amount of time between cleanings; saving both time and resources for the owners of the buildings.

To start saving and keeping up with the trends, hire CSG for all your exterior cleaning needs.

P.S. April Fools!

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Earthquake Safety in High-rise Buildings

A great earthquake has never tested modern construction of high-rise buildings. Ongoing studies question code requirements that were developed 20 years ago for mostly low and mid-rise buildings. High-rise construction can be more vulnerable because of unanticipated structural behaviors that were not written into original codes. Safety preparation for earthquakes like emergency drills can help to prevent damage and reduce injury.

Safety Tips for High-rise Buildings

1. Drop, cover, and hold on. Get under a desk or table as a doorway maybe unsound during a quake. If unable to get under a structure, move against an interior wall and protect neck with arms.
2. In a high-rise building, get away from windows and outside walls.
3. Expect that fire alarms and sprinklers may go off, although electricity may go out.
4. If the situation worsens and you become trapped, stay calm and get attention of rescuers by tapping on hard structures or metal to alert them of your location.
5. Do not use elevators or window cleaning equipment until they have been properly inspected for structural integrity.

About Contract Services Group, Inc.:
Contract Services Group, Inc. is an industry leading facilities services contractor with 40 years experience providing commercial janitorial, window cleaning, housekeeping staffing services and window washing systems. CSG is committed to safety excellence, high-performing building outcomes and redefining quality partnerships. http://www.csgcares.com