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Clean or sanitize for Seasonal Influenza?

While cleaning removes germs, dirt, and grime from surfaces, it doesn’t kill germs. Sanitize with an EPA-registered disinfectant to kill germs on surfaces. Lowering the number of germs effectively can lower the risk of spreading infection.

CSG recommends using products & systems that are environmentally and health conscious. Send the message that you care about the health of your building occupants by working with CSG, a Green Clean janitorial provider.

Read these tips and more at CDC recommendations:

1. Know the difference between cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing

2. Clean and disinfect surfaces and object that are touched often

3. Simply do routine cleaning and disinfecting

4. Clean and disinfect correctly

5. Use products safety

6. Handle waste properly

7. Do your research

CSG standard is to clean facilities for the health of its occupants, our employees and the protection of the environment for today and tomorrow.

The newer cleaning industry technologies and products allow us to clean effectively at a competitive cost as well as reduce health risks and improve the margin of safety for the people using the products and the building occupants. This also further reduces impact on the environment.

A Better Janitorial Supervisor

CSG’s Business Excellence programs are dedicated to providing our clients with cost effective solutions and our employees with an exemplary work environment.Training Janitorial Staff

Management actively participates in the ongoing training of CSG work force to support and empower our employees.  CSG employees are rewarded when contributing to the success of the organization. Training standards and safe work habits are just part of what we do.

Tips for improving productivity and team enthusiasm with positive communication:

•           Offer employees feedback about their performance

•           Deal promptly with mistakes & celebrate successes

•           Create a partnership with employees & support involvement in onsite decisions

•           Encourage ownership for worker’s safety, environment and job responsibilities

Having appropriate, qualified and highly-trained janitorial and housekeeping staff on site can contribute to the success and cost-savings of your facility.

About CSG: Contract Services Group, Inc. (CSG) specializes in providing cleaning and related services to large, high-profile facilities throughout the Southwestern United States. We adhere to our core values of service, safety, and integrity in every aspect of our business. www.csgcares.com

Join CSG in sharing OSHA’s Prevent Heat Illness Campaign

OSHA says that employer & employee need to recognize the safety and health hazards of working in high heat.

CSG Safety Excellence Team wants to spread the word about:

  • factors that increase the risk of heat-related illness
  • signs and symptoms of illness
  • first aid and preventive measures that decrease the risk of heat-related illness

CSG is committed to safety training & education for working 100% safe!!

Join CSG in sharing high heat safety training with OSHA’s Educational Resources: Fact Sheets / Posters / Training Material. See more – http://ow.ly/mBgq3