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Brea, CA—Chattel refers to personal items, as opposed to actual land property. It was once used to describe slaves and cattle,. According to the State of California Insurance Commissioner, Dave Jones the latter definition can be applied to current day business activities in California.

Recently, Hyok “Steve” Kwon and his wife Woo “Stephanie” Kwon, the owners of Good Neighbor Services (GNS) a California janitorial and housekeeping services provider were indicted for tax and insurance fraud. “The Kwon’s treated their workers like chattel when they fraudulently did not provide workers’ compensation insurance coverage for their employees,” stated Insurance Commissioner Jones.

As a social conscious company, Contract Services Group, Inc. (CSG), does not just assume the role of witness to this epidemic of all illegal activities but also takes measures to help fight it. CSG assures that all its employees are treated with dignity, financially compensated for their hard work, and always provides proper medical attention for work related injuries.

In lieu of such hideousness activities alleged against the Kwon’s companies hiring a cleaning contractor need to perform their due diligence to assure the outsourced service provider is compliant with all its legal obligations.  The California legislature recently passed legislation that pierces indemnification clauses of service contracts. It puts the financial responsibility for the nonpayment of employment taxes by the outsourced contractor on the hiring company.

Companies can avoid being associated with underground-economy practices by implementing labor law audits on its outsourced labor contractors, or by hiring a company with a trusted verification process. CSG’s comprehensive employer verification program consists of social security number verification, checking employment references, criminal background check, drug screening and a personal integrity analysis interview. Additionally, CSG’s Human Resources Department will require each applicant to complete a detailed application, I-9, W-2 and other required governmental forms.

In order to keep a positive reputation for your company and help stop illegal business activities it is important to build a partnership with a cleaning and staffing company that is in 100% compliance with all laws. Before hiring a service contractor, in addition to the financial risks, consider the potential damage to your brand.

Sources Cited: Littlefield, D. (2015, December 21). Company owners indicted in $7M hotel-worker fraud case. The San Diego Union Tribune. Retrieved January 11, 2016, from http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/2015/dec/21/janitor-services-fraud-indictment.

Contract Services Group, Inc. is also an ISSA CIMS Green Building Certified with Honors Contractor.

To learn more about the CIMS-GB certification visit http://www.csgcares.com/cims

To learn more about Contract Services Group, Inc.’s Think Green! Clean Green! program visit http://www.csgcares.com/why-csg/green-cleaning/.

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About Contract Services Group, Inc.

Contract Services Group, Inc. provides commercial janitorial, window cleaning, and window washing systems. CSG’s online presence is located at http://www.csgcares.com and http://www.windowwashingsystems.com. CSG provides janitorial and window cleaning services throughout California, Nevada and Arizona, and provides window washing systems nation wide.

CSG for World-class Workplace Wellness

csgcares-globe-logo.jpgWHO is for a Healthy Workplace Model.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines a healthy workplace as a place where “workers and managers collaborate to use a continual improvement process to protect and promote the health, safety and well-being of all workers.”

CSG understands that creating this environment requires hard work and a continuing willingness to make the small incremental improvements that signal a dedication to world-class healthy buildings.

WHO identifies these workplace components for focus:

  • Health and safety of the physical work environment
  • Health, safety and well-being in the work organization and workplace culture
  • Personal health resources in the workplace
  • Community participation in health improvement advocacy for workers & their families

The World Health Organization (WHO) offers Healthy Workplace guidelines and supports the Global Healthy Workplace Awards dedicated to the recognition of practices and programs in the global workplace. Read more here about the awards and winners.

Find more about CSG continuous improvement philosophy at www.csgcares.com, click on WHY CSG?

New Housekeeping Staffing Tools at CSGCARES Jobs

Contract Services Group promotes CSGCARES Jobs tools for Housekeeping Staffing and Janitorial Cleaning Services.

CSG launched the official CSGCARES Jobs career page and job seeker tools to promote Housekeeping Staffing opportunities. CSG improved the CSGCARES Jobs career page to meet job seekers expectations for improved mobile access, employer responsiveness and helpful exposure.

CSGCARES JOBS offers candidates:

Mobile connections –

rssfeed/CSGCARES.jobs ,

facebook.com/CSGCARES ,


Responsive tools –

jobs.csgcares.com/Careers ,

trabajos.csgcares.com/APLICA ,


“We look forward to offering new communications media to our candidates to help get people working ,” commented Casey Pearce, President of Contract Services Group, Inc.

CSG is proud to align with Starwood, Hyatt and DirectEmployers, a nonprofit HR group, and support fair hiring practices and recruiting technologies that value CSG’s diverse workforce.

Contract Services Group, Inc. takes pride in our consistent compliance with hour and wage law in support of our employees. CSG is an industry leading facilities services contractor with 40 years experience providing commercial janitorial, window cleaning and housekeeping staffing services throughout California, Nevada and Arizona. CSG also designs and installs window washing systems nationwide. http://www.csgcares.com

From Human Resources – Housekeeping Staffing Evaluations

We are always growing the CSG team of hourly temporary and long term housekeeping staffing. Be prepared for your interview and get started right away.

CSG joins companies like Hilton, Starwood and Marriot in developing employer verification and fair hiring practices.

CSG is big enough to have experience serving many industries but small enough to be able to provide personalized customer satisfaction and recruiting services.

The CSG Housekeeping Staffing recruiting structure includes the following evaluations for every applicant:

  • 10 panel drug screen
  • National and Local Criminal Background Check
  • Megan’s Law Background Check
  • E-Verify (Homeland Security Verification of applicant’s legal right to work in the United States)
  • Employee Reference Check

Read more Recruiter’s Tips from Human Resources at: http://www.csgcares.com/careers/human-resources/
Also check out our CSG Career pages. http://www.csgcares.com, http://jobs.csgcares.com/, http://csgcares.jobs/

Mireya Aldena
Human Resources Manager
Contract Service Group, Inc.

cleaning trombetta issa

Cleaning as a brand strategy? ISSA’s Trombetta says, Disney does it.

Anthony Trombetta says, “Do you know how many steps someone will take to reach a garbage can? The cleaning professionals at Disney know.” trombetta issa

He explains that better training and professionalism in the cleaning and janitorial industry can reduce turnover and improve overall costs as people buy-in to cleanliness. He says that people actually pick up after themselves when the place is already organized to stay clean.

So how many steps will someone take to reach a trash can? Watch the video and learn some great tips about being “pro”-professional and keeping it clean.