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CSG shares fair temporary labor practices at DOL

As CSG gets geared up to launch our informative Temporary Labor Laws white paper, we are pleased to share the DOL Fair Labor Data Challenge.

Labor Department’s Wage and Hour Division wants to ensure that all employers are compliant with Fair Labor Standards Act and fair temporary labor practices. Passed 75 years ago, the FLSA established basic worker protections for minimum wage and overtime compensation.

They are calling for an app to provide consumers find out if a business is obeying the law
and treating their workers fairly.  DOL says the new app would “empower consumers to make informed choices about where to shop, eat or even vacation.”

Even better, the app will give consumers clear information about which businesses are “doing the right thing and playing by the rules” by working with social media channels to show if an establishment is
in compliance with federal labor laws.

“Create an innovative tool that lets an informed consumer find out if a business is obeying the law when it comes to paying workers properly, ” says DOL.
The DOL Fair Labor Data Challenge is described as: a call for a smartphone application that integrates the
department’s publicly available enforcement data with consumer ratings websites, geo-positioning Web tools and other relevant data sets. 

CSG agrees with the DOL that  workers, employers and the American public can work together to ensure fair labor practices that support business owners and improve workplaces for everyone.

via cpearce http://mycleanlink.com/mycleanlink_blogs/b/cpearce/archive/2013/08/01/temporary-labor.aspx

Healthy Building Maintenance Makes A Green Campus

68% of college-bound students now say their college choice would be based on a university’s commitment to sustainability, according to Princeton Review. Organizations preparing to make the move to Green Campus need to partner with Green Clean building services contractors and Healthy Building certifications programs.

  • Share organization’s commitment to sustainability
  • Be a leader in environmental practices
  • Protect health and wellness of students, faculty & guests

Healthy Building groups identify best practices and products in building science, engineering and maintenance to promote sustainability and wellness in facilities like colleges and universities. Research shows that maintenance programs including real-world tools like green products and practices improve indoor-air quality, work and educational performance and prevent disease to reduce absenteeism, as well as source reduction. Learn More.

Look for building maintenance providers that understand best practices from industry leaders like Green Seal and LEED and comply with third-party performance audits like CIMS-GB.

About CSG: Contract Services Group, Inc. is a CIMS-GB with honors certified contractor with 40 years experience providing commercial janitorial, window cleaning, temporary labor services and window washing systems. CSG cares to promote Healthy Buildings, Environmental Responsibility and Community Engagement.

Green Campus & Sustainable Initiatives

Clean Green

Universities committed to sustainability are building smarter and greener. New construction and major renovations incorporating green principles are recognized by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) as sustainable building practices. Many schools are designing new construction to increase energy efficiency, conserve resources and maintain healthy building environments.

LEED is governed by the U.S. Green Building Council.  The LEED certification program guides the design, construction, operations and maintenance of buildings, homes and communities. There are several levels of LEED certification:  Basic, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.  These certifications are based on a point system for meeting environmental goals.

USGBC launched the Center for Green Schools in September 2010 to build on partnerships started through its Green Schools and Green Campus campaigns.  The Center and USGBC are working to increase LEED approved processes at educational facilities. “Greening a campus” requires a comprehensive approach that includes integrating sustainable practices into the lifecycle of the campus from planning to daily maintenance.  Read more.

Contract Services Group is a proud service partner of high-profile facilities that are LEED certified. CSG has systems in place that are a value component in these buildings achieving their US Green Building Council LEED certification. Leam more about CSG’s commitment to promote Healthy Buildings, Environmental Responsibility and Community Engagement, click here.

Join the Think Green Clean conversation for Earth Day with CSG!!

U.S. Labor reports show that as much as 30% of all buildings are toxic!  Estimates to $60 billion in productivity losses are related to poor indoor health. The EPA notes that pollutants can actually be higher indoors. Just because your facility is clean, it may not be a healthy building.

cleaning-for-healthThe EPA acknowledges that consumer education is a key factor in green & sustainability awareness. The balance between sustainable and green programs requires knowledge of product life-cycle and environmental impact. Consumer awareness of real-world tools in this balance process helps to ensure sustainable outcomes for the environment and healthier building environments for a building’s users.

Look for CSG Real-World Tools:

•          Matting designed to capture soil before it enters the building

•          Restroom paper products & systems that are environmentally and health conscious

•          Cleaning chemicals that are Green Seal Certified

•          Vacuum Cleaners with advanced filter systems

•          Floor Machines that capture dust

•          Carpet Cleaning Equipment that minimizes water use

•          Micro Fiber Cleaning tools

CSG understands individuals play an important role in protecting their own health. Contract Services Group’s “Think Green! Clean Green!” program requires scheduled training & education for all employees. The success of green cleaning is a continuous improvement process. Our approach is a total commitment of our staff and a partnership with our clients to achieve healthy building outcomes. Learn more here!

To learn more about the CSG commitment to No Green-washing, check out the CSG “Is It Really Green?” infographic.