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22-April 2016

Brea, CA— Contract Services Group’s (CSG) Clean Green program standard is to clean facilities for the health of its occupants, our employees and the protection of the environment for today and tomorrow.  Our approach is a total commitment of our staff and a partnership with our clients to achieve our goal.

CSG continually monitors cleaning chemical usage to ensure environmental safety. CSG utilizes 100% recyclable paper products and only uses backpack vacuums that are proven to be faster and healthier with the ability to clean up to 10,000 square feet per hour and remove allergens. CSG is also a proud owner of the Tennant T5 Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber with ec-H20 technology. The ec-H20 technology scrubs three times further and utilizes 70% less water than conventional scrubbing methods. This increases productivity and reduces cost, protecting both our environment and employees.  

It takes several components to produce an environmentally preferable cleaning program. Many of the green products, equipment and tools offered today are more effective than conventional products.  Cost has become very competitive and productivity has improved. Today, CSG has made it easy for guiding owners and property managers to implement Green Cleaning by bringing all of the components together into a single offering to maximize the opportunity to green a building, produce a healthy and productive indoor environment, and to do so cost effectively.

The CSG Commitmentearthday2016

Contract Services Group, Inc. is also an ISSA CIMS Green Building Certified with Honors Contractor. To learn more about the CIMS-GB certification visit http://www.csgcares.com/cims

To learn more about Contract Services Group, Inc.’s Think Green! Clean Green! program visit http://www.csgcares.com/why-csg/green-cleaning/.

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About Contract Services Group, Inc.

Contract Services Group, Inc. provides commercial janitorial, window cleaning, and window washing systems. CSG’s online presence is located at http://www.csgcares.com and http://www.windowwashingsystems.com. CSG provides janitorial and window cleaning services throughout California, Nevada and Arizona, and provides window washing systems nation wide.

Janitorial services prepares for California minimum wage increases!

In July 2014 the California minimum wage is set to increase to $9.  Keep your janitorial services contracts prepared for next year’s budget season:

•          Adjust your differential

•          Maintain quality staff

•          Keep turnover lower.

Contract Services Group has pioneered the art of working closely with our customers to identify areas where costs can be controlled and reduced. From servicing our clients premiere facilities to treating our employees with dignity, we believe that quality and commitment to excellence exemplifies our business.

CSG is proud to celebrate 40 years providing facilities services throughout southern California! www.csgcares.com

CSG Solutions for Indoor Air Quality & Healthy Buildings

The EPA tells us improved Indoor Air Quality reduces exposures to asthma triggers. CSG recently reviewed preventative maintenance best practices noting proactive strategies for cleaning & maintenance for healthy buildings and school environments.  These practices apply to IAQ Management Frameworks released by the EPA.

Effective IAQ Management Frameworks help to sustain health and safety initiatives. These frameworks are often based on specific but simple solutions for the most common issues that increase IAQ risks in schools and other high use buildings.

For Asthma Awareness Month, CSG points to the EPA’s Effective Cleaning and Maintenance programs for solutions to common IAQ issues.

Proactive strategies for cleaning and maintenance:

  • Routine inspections of cleaning areas
  • Preventative maintenance plans
  • Material safety data sheets (MSDS)
  • Certified Green products

Tools for reducing illness and discomfort:

  • high-efficiency vacuums
  • barrier floor mats at all building entrances
  • dust with damp cloths

Best practices cleaning procedures:

  • regular training of  facility maintenance staff
  • systematic approach to cleaning products measurement
  • policies for the responsible use of chemicals

Cleaning and maintenance supplies storage:

  • use manufacturers’ guidelines.
  • outside of the main school building
  • well-ventilated areas

Maintenance programs:

  • follow appliance and materials manufacturer’s guidelines
  • practice routine restorative maintenance
  • inspect exhaust components and ventilation systems regularly

For more information about effective cleaning & maintenance initiatives, click “Why CSG?” .

CSG for Healthy Indoor School Environments

The EPA relates environmental asthma triggers to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Management Programs.

IAQ Management can be maintained and routinely evaluated to improve learning environments, support student health and reduce exposure to environmental asthma triggers. CSG understands that any maintenance plan is a continuous improvement process.

Create healthy indoor school environments by identifying, correcting and preventing IAQ problems with specific program actions using low cost solutions.

·        Provide Quality HVAC

·        Control Moisture/Mold

·        Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

·        Cleaning and Maintenance

·        Smart Materials Selection

·        Aggressive Source Control

Check out the EPA’s IAQ Tools for Schools Action Kit!

CSG understands that Cleaning and Maintenance Management Programs improve IAQ in all healthy indoor environments! After 35 years of professional Facility Cleaning Services, CSG is a recognized leader in the building-services industry with expert practices in Green Cleaning in education environments, as well as, other commercial facilities. Read about CSG initiatives here at Why CSG?

Join CSG & Make Every Month Asthma Awareness Month

The EPA links air quality and effective cleaning and maintenance programs to “Managing Asthma in the School Environment”.

To support Asthma Awareness Month, CSG is exploring healthy indoor school environments throughout the month of May. See our CSG Cares Blog for more information about identifying indoor air quality issues, effective cleaning and maintenance programs and the benefits of high performing schools.

According to the EPA, “the economic costs of asthma amounts to more than $56 billion per year from direct medical costs and indirect costs, such as missed school and work days.” Healthy Building research shows that best practices in maintenance and design can improve productivity and reduce absenteeism.

CSG is proud to present this month’s Asthma Awareness Month series by sharing information from the EPA’s research about indoor and outdoor environmental factors that trigger asthma.

The CSG Commitment:

  • Utilize only environmentally sound cleaning and maintenance programs.
  • Promote water and energy conservation in its choice of cleaning equipment and systems.
  • Reduce waste and consumption of non-renewable resources.
  • Promote and participate in recycling programs.
  • Continuously be an advocate for greener, healthier, and more sustainable cleaning.

Learn more about CSG’s Green initiatives: http://www.csgcares.com/why-csg/green-cleaning/