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pic 018Brea, CA— Many businesses question if window washing their commercial building is a necessity, especially when facing a major drought. With California and many other states passing new laws on mandatory water reduction by 25% and the California State Water Resources Control Board stating that outdoor water use accounts for almost 80% of use, the question seems easy to answer; “Save money and water by refraining from window washing the building this year.” However, the answer is not so simple.

Contract Services Group, Inc. (CSG) is Green Clean certified and holds to the most recent standards, equipment, products and practices. Because of such actions, minimal water use is actually required in order to wash the windows of a building. With over 40 years in the Window Washing Services Industry, CSG has seen the downfall effects of what happens to glass when windows are not washed on a regular basis.

Glass is a very delicate, porous surface that can develop build up of dirt or other airborne pollutants and requires periodic cleaning and upkeep. Because windows are constantly exposed to outside elements such as heat from the sun, humidity, wind and rain, the dirt/pollutant buildup can penetrate through the glass causing permanent damage and staining. Glass attracts contamination quite regularly and can cost a business up to hundreds of thousands of dollars for window replacement. Degradation of glass will affect the value of the property. Avoid expensive costs while still conserving water and wash your windows thoroughly on a regular basis.

The question remains, fact or fib? FIB. Window washing is not detrimental during a drought.

Contract Services Group, Inc. is also an ISSA CIMS Green Building Certified with Honors Contractor. To learn more about the CIMS-GB certification visit http://www.csgcares.com/cims

To learn more about Contract Services Group, Inc.’s Think Green! Clean Green! program visit http://www.csgcares.com/why-csg/green-cleaning/.

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About Contract Services Group, Inc.

Contract Services Group, Inc. provides commercial janitorial, window cleaning, and window washing systems. CSG’s online presence is located at http://www.csgcares.com and http://www.windowwashingsystems.com. CSG provides janitorial and window cleaning services throughout California, Nevada and Arizona, and provides window washing systems nation wide.

CSG’s professional pressure washing for the best first impression.

Do you have concrete stained with gum, food grease, spit or grime? Let CSG’s professional pressure washing services help make the best first impression.

Pressure washing is a method of cleaning using a stream or spray of very highly pressurized water across the surface being cleaned. It is an excellent solution for cleaning hard surfaces that take a lot of abuse from weather, oil, dirt and mold or mildew.

CSG pressure washing services can provide:

• Hot water pressure washing
• Trained operators
• Insurance
• Environment-friendly practices

Why hire professional pressure washing services? Check out this video to assess if the job is manageable on your own. Pressure Washing Tips Video – Click Here

When rainwater is not enough, let CSG provide proper care for your building surfaces.

About CSG: CSG provides pressure washing for high rise building exteriors, parking structures, sidewalks, courtyards, kitchen ceiling, floor scrubbing, dumpster cleanings, trash chute cleaning, shopping centers, and shopping carts throughout California, Arizona and Nevada.

cleaning trombetta issa

Cleaning as a brand strategy? ISSA’s Trombetta says, Disney does it.

Anthony Trombetta says, “Do you know how many steps someone will take to reach a garbage can? The cleaning professionals at Disney know.” trombetta issa

He explains that better training and professionalism in the cleaning and janitorial industry can reduce turnover and improve overall costs as people buy-in to cleanliness. He says that people actually pick up after themselves when the place is already organized to stay clean.

So how many steps will someone take to reach a trash can? Watch the video and learn some great tips about being “pro”-professional and keeping it clean.

WHD Enforcement Shame Game for Hospitality

enforcement violationsReputation management experts know media can hit companies where it counts. The U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division is on board and applying what one legal expert calls “a full arsenal of weapons” to crack down on “fissured” industries.

If you’re in the hospitality business then this means you! According to WHD, subcontracting, as it relates to restaurant & hotel franchising arrangements, is facing serious enforcement initiatives.

Look out for the Smartphone App,  Eat, Sleep, Shop, linked with Yelp to allow consumers to view a hotel’s enforcement history.

What will your enforcement review say about your business? Think it might not matter to customers that a housekeeping attendant was erroneously classified as exempt 2 years ago.

With the US immigration enforcement also bearing down on labor staffing contractors associated with the underground economy and human trafficking, you might consider a few simple compliance strategies just to be safe.

Read CSG’s white paper for Labor Compliance Best Practices here.  We appreciate the opportunity to share more information about our trusted verification system. If you would like the full version of CSG Contract Staffing Labor Laws, please call CSG Marketing & Sales at: 714-582-1800 ext 152.

CSG Honors International Housekeepers Week 2013

Contract Services Group, Inc. (CSG) is proud to sponsor music entertainment at the Hotel del Coronado Annual Picnic honoring International Housekeepers Week 2013.

CSG values our housekeeping heroes and wants to recognize professional housekeeper teams in all CSG customer partnerships.

“It was great to attend this event honoring housekeeping staff who keep us safe and healthy,” commented Casey Pearce, President of Contract Services Group, Inc.

Annual Picnic honoring International Housekeepers Week 2013 was held Friday August 23rd at Tideland park in Coronado. Thanks to Hotel Del Coronado for hosting this important tradition. International Housekeepers Week 2013 runs September 8th – 14th, 2013.

About Contract Services Group, Inc.:
Contract Services Group, Inc. is an industry leading facilities services contractor with 40 years experience providing commercial janitorial, temporary labor services, window cleaning and window washing systems, throughout California, Nevada and Arizona. CSG is committed to safety excellence, high performing building outcomes and redefining quality partnerships. From servicing our clients premiere facilities to treating our employees with dignity, we believe that quality and commitment to excellence exemplifies our business. http://www.csgcares.com, http://jobs.csgcares.com/, http://csgcares.jobs/