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Earthquake Safety in High-rise Buildings

A great earthquake has never tested modern construction of high-rise buildings. Ongoing studies question code requirements that were developed 20 years ago for mostly low and mid-rise buildings. High-rise construction can be more vulnerable because of unanticipated structural behaviors that were not written into original codes. Safety preparation for earthquakes like emergency drills can help to prevent damage and reduce injury.

Safety Tips for High-rise Buildings

1. Drop, cover, and hold on. Get under a desk or table as a doorway maybe unsound during a quake. If unable to get under a structure, move against an interior wall and protect neck with arms.
2. In a high-rise building, get away from windows and outside walls.
3. Expect that fire alarms and sprinklers may go off, although electricity may go out.
4. If the situation worsens and you become trapped, stay calm and get attention of rescuers by tapping on hard structures or metal to alert them of your location.
5. Do not use elevators or window cleaning equipment until they have been properly inspected for structural integrity.

About Contract Services Group, Inc.:
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CSG Safety Excellence – Rescued Again Update:

Last week, scaffolding maintenance workers were rescued from the 56th floor of the Hearst Tower after the building platform snapped in the middle.

The building’s odd shape called for a custom model from Tractel-Swingstage consisting of a 420-foot elevated steel track off a 40-foot mast with a hydraulic arm holding the telescopic cleaning basket with wires monitored by electromechanical sensors.

Tractel is under scrutiny because of a 2007 accident in which a scaffolding structure plummeted 47 stories killing one worker.  Tractel was found in violation for failing to maintain the scaffold.

High-rise scaffolding rescues and accidents are often the result of faulty or outdated support systems or poor operator training.

Window Washing SystemsCSG President, Casey Pearce, explained, “A safe working environment for individuals working at heights is OSHA compliant supports, suspension and safety systems. Those systems need to be certified annually and even experienced workers need to have documented professional operator training.“

U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) investigate any incident to determine whether the situation is the result of non-compliant procedures, support system failure or operator error. So far the cause of last week’s incident has not been determined but will likely be closely reviewed.

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Safety Compliance is Easy.

Does OSHA safety regulations weaken competitiveness and hurt jobs? A recent study showed inspections led to a 9% decline in injury and related costs dropped 26% without effect on jobs.  The key was random inspections.

The federal agency, U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, enforces safety standards with these inspections and investigations by verifying workplace compliance to regulation and facilitating safe working environments.

“Our study suggests that randomized inspections work as they’re meant to, improving safety while not undermining the company’s ability to do business,” says Toffel.  Read more –

Safety compliance is as easy as CSG. From the design and installation of basic fall protection systems, to in-depth fall hazard analysis, Contract Services Group is the best single source provider of both window washing access and fall protection solutions. All of our window cleaning equipment inspections and certifications are in compliance with Cal-OSHA General Industry Safety Orders, Title 8. Article 5 Window Cleaning.