Join the Think Green Clean conversation for Earth Day with CSG!!

U.S. Labor reports show that as much as 30% of all buildings are toxic!  Estimates to $60 billion in productivity losses are related to poor indoor health. The EPA notes that pollutants can actually be higher indoors. Just because your facility is clean, it may not be a healthy building.

cleaning-for-healthThe EPA acknowledges that consumer education is a key factor in green & sustainability awareness. The balance between sustainable and green programs requires knowledge of product life-cycle and environmental impact. Consumer awareness of real-world tools in this balance process helps to ensure sustainable outcomes for the environment and healthier building environments for a building’s users.

Look for CSG Real-World Tools:

•          Matting designed to capture soil before it enters the building

•          Restroom paper products & systems that are environmentally and health conscious

•          Cleaning chemicals that are Green Seal Certified

•          Vacuum Cleaners with advanced filter systems

•          Floor Machines that capture dust

•          Carpet Cleaning Equipment that minimizes water use

•          Micro Fiber Cleaning tools

CSG understands individuals play an important role in protecting their own health. Contract Services Group’s “Think Green! Clean Green!” program requires scheduled training & education for all employees. The success of green cleaning is a continuous improvement process. Our approach is a total commitment of our staff and a partnership with our clients to achieve healthy building outcomes. Learn more here!

To learn more about the CSG commitment to No Green-washing, check out the CSG “Is It Really Green?” infographic.