FROM HR – Diversity in the Workplace

CSG is committed to providing a work environment that is free of discrimination. We recruit and hire new employees with this tradition of fair and equitable opportunity for our candidates.

But Human Resource experts point out that establishing ethical guidelines that support diversity is more than just making a policy.

Experts agree that companies need to outline strategies for managing diversity within each organization.

Tips for managing Diversity:

  • Examine each employment role with a diversity-sensitive perspective.
  • Demonstrate willingness to change internal practices that may present barriers to diverse groups.
  • Recognize processes that account for diverse communication vs. “treating everyone the same.”
  • Affirmative action emphasizes legal framework that is different from inclusive practices that manage diversity in the workplace.

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About CSG:
CSG policy maintains that the principles of Equal Employment Opportunity are vital elements in all aspects of the employment process and their application represents good management practices to embrace diversity in all aspects of business operations.