Fort Rucker Wants Cleaning Service Delivery as Promised

CIMS CertifiedOrrin Israel, Ft. Rucker’s Director of Facilities, was unsatisfied with the lowest bidders total failure experience. So he wanted the company safeguarding the health and reputation of Ft. Rucker’s facilities to be a solid investment.

After fifteen years, maintaining over 115 facilities, Israel deliberately looked for a third party management certification service to help assure managed delivery of contractual cleaning procedures.

Israel, already using ISSA’s Official “540 Cleaning Times” to leverage appropriate janitorial services, was excited to apply the Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) and certification component to Fort Rucker’s facilities contract specifications.

Partnering with a quality, CIMS-GB certified organization provides reliable frameworks to outline procedures based on universally accepted management principles: quality systems; service delivery; human resources; health, safety and environmental stewardship; management commitment; and green building.

CIMS applies to the ENTIRE cleaning organization. It focuses on the organization’s management systems and processes used to deliver services from training programs to environmentally preferable cleaning practices.

For more information on how CIMS and CIMS-GB certification process improves facility operations – click here.