CSG shares fair temporary labor practices at DOL

As CSG gets geared up to launch our informative Temporary Labor Laws white paper, we are pleased to share the DOL Fair Labor Data Challenge.

Labor Department’s Wage and Hour Division wants to ensure that all employers are compliant with Fair Labor Standards Act and fair temporary labor practices. Passed 75 years ago, the FLSA established basic worker protections for minimum wage and overtime compensation.

They are calling for an app to provide consumers find out if a business is obeying the law
and treating their workers fairly.  DOL says the new app would “empower consumers to make informed choices about where to shop, eat or even vacation.”

Even better, the app will give consumers clear information about which businesses are “doing the right thing and playing by the rules” by working with social media channels to show if an establishment is
in compliance with federal labor laws.

“Create an innovative tool that lets an informed consumer find out if a business is obeying the law when it comes to paying workers properly, ” says DOL.
The DOL Fair Labor Data Challenge is described as: a call for a smartphone application that integrates the
department’s publicly available enforcement data with consumer ratings websites, geo-positioning Web tools and other relevant data sets. 

CSG agrees with the DOL that  workers, employers and the American public can work together to ensure fair labor practices that support business owners and improve workplaces for everyone.

via cpearce http://mycleanlink.com/mycleanlink_blogs/b/cpearce/archive/2013/08/01/temporary-labor.aspx