Chandelier cleaning required?

Chandelier CleaningChandelier cleaning can be intimidating, but CSG knows the results are worth the effort.

Chandelier Cleaning Tips – See Video Click Here

  • Check the manufacturer’s materials for specific product needs when cleaning.
  • You can use Vinegar but don’t get it in metal or brass pieces of your fixture.
  • Metal elements need a special polish specific to the type of metal of the fixture.
  • You need to dust the whole before washing.
  • Work from the inside out to put chandelier back together.

At this busy time of year, we would be glad to provide chandelier-cleaning service to you. CSG polishes all pieces and can clean your chandeliers on site serving Los Angeles, Orange County & other southern California cities.

About CSG: CSG offers chandelier cleaning as part of our comprehensive janitorial cleaning services for major hotel chains, casinos, resorts and prestigious buildings throughout California, Arizona and Nevada.