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Clean or sanitize for Seasonal Influenza?

While cleaning removes germs, dirt, and grime from surfaces, it doesn’t kill germs. Sanitize with an EPA-registered disinfectant to kill germs on surfaces. Lowering the number of germs effectively can lower the risk of spreading infection.

CSG recommends using products & systems that are environmentally and health conscious. Send the message that you care about the health of your building occupants by working with CSG, a Green Clean janitorial provider.

Read these tips and more at CDC recommendations:

1. Know the difference between cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing

2. Clean and disinfect surfaces and object that are touched often

3. Simply do routine cleaning and disinfecting

4. Clean and disinfect correctly

5. Use products safety

6. Handle waste properly

7. Do your research

CSG standard is to clean facilities for the health of its occupants, our employees and the protection of the environment for today and tomorrow.

The newer cleaning industry technologies and products allow us to clean effectively at a competitive cost as well as reduce health risks and improve the margin of safety for the people using the products and the building occupants. This also further reduces impact on the environment.

Training for new GHS with OSHA

CSG started the GHS training of janitorial staff in September for compliance with OSHA’s Dec. 1, 2013 deadline.  OSHA3491QuickCardPictogram_Page_1

OSHA required that companies storing, using or handling chemicals must train workers to understand the new data sheets and labels of the Hazard Communication Global Harmonized System (GHS). As with all OSHA Training Standards employers are required to provide training in an understandable language and method.

While OSHA has established a generous changeover period, OSHA hopes that as manufacturers change their labels, workers will already be trained.

Be sure that OSHA will be verifying compliance, but they are still offering the GHS Training Resources available at the OSHA Training Service’s website (

Upcoming Deadlines:

  • June 1, 2015: Chemical manufacturers, importers, distributors and employers must comply with all other requirements of the revised standard.
  • Dec. 1, 2015: Distributors may not ship containers unless they contain approved labels.
  • June 1, 2016: Employers must update workplace labeling and their hazard communication programs as necessary, including additional employee training for newly identified chemical hazards.

CSG’s professional pressure washing for the best first impression.

Do you have concrete stained with gum, food grease, spit or grime? Let CSG’s professional pressure washing services help make the best first impression.

Pressure washing is a method of cleaning using a stream or spray of very highly pressurized water across the surface being cleaned. It is an excellent solution for cleaning hard surfaces that take a lot of abuse from weather, oil, dirt and mold or mildew.

CSG pressure washing services can provide:

• Hot water pressure washing
• Trained operators
• Insurance
• Environment-friendly practices

Why hire professional pressure washing services? Check out this video to assess if the job is manageable on your own. Pressure Washing Tips Video – Click Here

When rainwater is not enough, let CSG provide proper care for your building surfaces.

About CSG: CSG provides pressure washing for high rise building exteriors, parking structures, sidewalks, courtyards, kitchen ceiling, floor scrubbing, dumpster cleanings, trash chute cleaning, shopping centers, and shopping carts throughout California, Arizona and Nevada.

Contract Service Group Recertifies to CIMS-GB

BREA — Contract Services Group, Inc. (“CSG”), a leading building
services contractor, achieved recertification with honors of the
prestigious ISSA Cleaning Industry Management Standard for Green
Buildings (CIMS-GB).  

ISSA recognizes CSG’s continued commitment to business excellence!

CIMS Green Building Certification with Honors additional distinction
illustrates CSG’s commitment to delivering green cleaning and Leadership
in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) sustainable cleaning

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Discover the Value of Clean with CIMS certified CSG


CSG recently achieved the CIMS and CIMS-GB certifications with honors. The International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) established and administrates the Cleaning Institute Management Standard Green Building (CIMS-GB) assessment program.

ISSA expanded the CIMS Certification Program to include “Green Building” (GB) criteria to meet the growing demand for green cleaning initiatives like the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) certification. Check out this interview with Dan Wagner, ISSA Director of Facility Service Programs, explaining the prestigious CIMS-GB certification designation.

ISSA wants you to discover the value of clean as an investment in human health and sustainability for the environment. But the bottom line is that cleaning has a very measurable value! The investment can actually help facilities save money. Discover more about the Value of Clean with ISSA’s Value of Clean Infographic.

CSG’s recertification with honors proves that CSG continues to deliver consistent, high quality, efficient and continuous improving commercial cleaning services.

About CSG:
Founded in 1973, Contract Services Group, Inc. celebrates 40 years experience providing commercial janitorial, window cleaning, temporary labor services throughout California, Nevada and Arizona. CSG cares to promote Healthy Buildings, Environmental Responsibility and Community Engagement. CSG also designs and installs window washing systems nation wide, visit