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CSG’s Sustainable Cleaning Programs

Contract Services Group, Inc. (CSG) published “Sustainable Cleaning Programs” article to promote consumer education about cost saving initiatives from full-service janitorial services providers.

Read Here – Sustainable Cleaning Programs from Full-service Janitorial Providers

Full-service janitorial providers offer complete cleaning programs with one contract and significantly reduced costs over in-house processes or the utilization of multiple vendors.

For your custom maintenance plan, have a list of your specific janitorial services expectations and needs including:

  • The square footage of the building including a separation of  carpet and tile
  • Number of restrooms and the quantity of fixtures
  • Employee population
  • Number of daily visitors
  • Quantity of shifts
  • Specifications or Work Load parameters

Your Custom Maintenance Plan must accurately meet the needs of the facility and your business goals. CSG will develop customized work loading of all cleaning task.

An effective work plan will address details as small as the reporting of a dripping faucet, through unneeded power consumption, to deteriorating materials and recycling to reduce short-term costs and long-term sustainability.

About CSG Janitorial Services:

Contract Services Group has pioneered the art of working closely with our customers to identify areas where costs can be controlled and reduced. Our 97% annual account retention is proof that our programs work.

CSG programs are excellent for commercial properties and large facilities with a minimum of  150,000 square feet of cleanable space.

About CSG: Contract Services Group, Inc. is a CIMS-GB with honors certified contractor with 40 years’ experience providing commercial janitorial, window cleaning, managed temporary labor services and window washing systems. CSG provides facilities services and specialty cleaning services throughout California, Nevada and Arizona. CSG also designs and installs window washing systems nationwide. CSG Publishes Sustainable Cleaning Programs for Janitorial Consumers.

CSG’s Window Cleaning & Restoration Services

Window Cleaning for your exterior building can improve your company image as a professional sustainable business in your community. Effective building maintenance programs protects your assets by preserving windows and exterior surfaces from staining build-up and environmental damage. Commercial buildings endure various environmental conditions that can lead to window glass and exterior staining.

Buildings are exposed to multiple elements resulting in staining on its surfaces. The length of time that staining factors are left unchecked can create additional factors in removing stains.

  • Some window cleaning detergents attract dust and dirt causing buildup of surfactants.
  • High mineral content of water erosion from adjacent concrete or precast surfaces stains glass, seals and exterior surfaces.
  • Overspray from careless waterproofing and painting projects can stain surrounding surfaces.
  • Leaching of deteriorating caulking or coatings, rusting metals or environmental pollution including acid rain all cause staining.

Window Cleaning Services

CSG provides window cleaning services  for low, mid and high rise buildings.  Our crews are trained and certified to operate all window cleaning equipment including ladders, boom lifts, boatswain chairs and swing stages. CSG uses cutting edge technology to remove glass scratches and stains efficiently and on-site.

Services include:

  • Scheduled Window Cleaning Maintenance
  • Post-Construction Window Cleaning
  • Hard Water Stain Removal
  • Glass Scratch Removal
  • Caulking and Waterproofing

About Contract Services Group, Inc.:

Contract Services Group, Inc. is an industry leading facilities services contractor with 40 years’ experience providing commercial janitorial, window cleaning and temporary labor services throughout California, Nevada and Arizona.

How to Develop a Facility Maintenance Program

A facility maintenance plan establishes the routine maintenance procedures for your facility.

As a facility manager, you can determine your preventative maintenance list and task schedule by outlining current processes and which staff members handle each task.

Determine the benefits of outsourcing your maintenance staff by comparing costs for in-house maintenance with a full service managed program.

A preventive maintenance plan includes:

  • the purpose of the maintenance policy,
  • general methods for developing a maintenance schedule,
  • inventory list,
  • who is responsible for ensuring inventory,
  • maintenance tasks that are regularly performed,
  • who is responsible for the general oversight of maintenance.

Develop a recordkeeping system including work orders, equipment procurement and staff training. You can hire a contractual maintenance professional to assist in the development of a recordkeeping procedure. A standard operating procedure (SOP) can define task items as routine, emergency, or preventive maintenance. Staff training on all preventive maintenance plans will prevent safety issues and saves costs as employees preform task more efficiently.


CSG’s Fall Protection Regulations

CSG Safety Services Group published Fall Protection Regulations article to promote the prevention of common fall hazards.

CSG promotes OSHA fall protection regulations to help construction management, architects, building owners and facility managers prevent accidents and avoid costly and reputation damaging Cal-OSHA citations.

Both Federal and Cal-OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) found high proportion of fatalities caused by falls occurred because of a lack of fall protection.

Visit CSG Safety Services Group – CSG Safety Services Group, LLC designs and installs window washing systems nationwide. CSG provides inspections, testing and certifications for all window cleaning equipment. CSG provides consulting up to full design/build services. The CSG Safety Services Group promotes window washing system solutions with safety, usability, and cost effectiveness in mind.

Day Cleaning for Cost Sustainability?

Day cleaning improves occupant health and satisfaction as well as increases financial sustainability. Light cleaning like area cleaning and restroom cleaning can be done during the day shift with deep cleaning being scheduled around occupants for convenience and safety. A CIMS-certified cleaning service provider has the management experience to provide efficient day cleaning programs.

Facilities Specialist, Steve Spencer, speaks about how day time cleaning saves State Farm up to $50,000 in cleaning costs and as much as $400,000 in energy savings. Watch Video –

Improve Occupant Health

The increase in touch-point cleaning during day cleaning helps reduce cross-contamination. Studies show that reducing cross-contamination can reduce absenteeism of staff.

Elevated Cleaning Satisfaction

With Day Cleaning Services, the improved communication in area cleaning during the day promptly addresses multiple cleaning issues. Cleanliness is a significant factor in resident satisfaction.

Save up to 10% energy savings

Energy savings by using daylighting can reduce gross yearly use of budgets for electricity cost. Want to calculate how much energy you can save with daytime cleaning? Try Calculator at:

About CSG Day Cleaning Services:

CSG Day Porter Cleaning Services provide custom programs for all impact areas with continuous services, on-boarding and safety training as well as compliance with all labor laws. CSG programs are excellent for multi-tenant properties with at least 150,000 square feet of cleanable lease space.

About Contract Services Group, Inc.:

Contract Services Group, Inc. is an industry leading facilities services contractor with 40 years’ experience providing commercial janitorial, window cleaning and temporary labor services throughout California, Nevada and Arizona. CSG is committed to safety excellence, high-performing building outcomes and redefining quality partnerships.