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Improve Academic Performance with High Performing Healthy Buildings

The EPA outlines research showing that a school’s physical environment has a major impact on asthma and other respiratory illnesses. CSG and the EPA wants you to make every month Asthma Awareness Month at your education facility with effective Healthy School Management programs.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), asthma is a leading cause of school absenteeism.80 But schools with effective maintenance programs show better attendance records than other schools. The EPA says that Healthy School Environments can significantly impact not only attendance but also student and staff efficiency and performance.

CSG understands Healthy Buildings are high performing buildings. CSG is a proud service partner of high-profile facilities that are LEED certified. CSG has systems in place that are a value component in Healthy School Environments working toward LEED certifications.

LEED for Schools is the recognized third-party standard for high performance schools.  The EPA acknowledges and advocates for the LEED certification process across the nation including networking for financing schools, hospitals and other facilities with critical public health requirements.

CSG Solutions for Indoor Air Quality & Healthy Buildings

The EPA tells us improved Indoor Air Quality reduces exposures to asthma triggers. CSG recently reviewed preventative maintenance best practices noting proactive strategies for cleaning & maintenance for healthy buildings and school environments.  These practices apply to IAQ Management Frameworks released by the EPA.

Effective IAQ Management Frameworks help to sustain health and safety initiatives. These frameworks are often based on specific but simple solutions for the most common issues that increase IAQ risks in schools and other high use buildings.

For Asthma Awareness Month, CSG points to the EPA’s Effective Cleaning and Maintenance programs for solutions to common IAQ issues.

Proactive strategies for cleaning and maintenance:

  • Routine inspections of cleaning areas
  • Preventative maintenance plans
  • Material safety data sheets (MSDS)
  • Certified Green products

Tools for reducing illness and discomfort:

  • high-efficiency vacuums
  • barrier floor mats at all building entrances
  • dust with damp cloths

Best practices cleaning procedures:

  • regular training of  facility maintenance staff
  • systematic approach to cleaning products measurement
  • policies for the responsible use of chemicals

Cleaning and maintenance supplies storage:

  • use manufacturers’ guidelines.
  • outside of the main school building
  • well-ventilated areas

Maintenance programs:

  • follow appliance and materials manufacturer’s guidelines
  • practice routine restorative maintenance
  • inspect exhaust components and ventilation systems regularly

For more information about effective cleaning & maintenance initiatives, click “Why CSG?” .

CSG knows Day Porters! And we can prove it!

CSG knows Day Porters! And we can prove it. But don’t take our word for it! Mythbusters is going to the toilet! Watch tonight to see the real dirt on the bathrooms in your buildings. Check out CSG on Cleanlink for information on testing tools and improving janitorial cleaning.

CSG for Healthy Indoor School Environments

The EPA relates environmental asthma triggers to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Management Programs.

IAQ Management can be maintained and routinely evaluated to improve learning environments, support student health and reduce exposure to environmental asthma triggers. CSG understands that any maintenance plan is a continuous improvement process.

Create healthy indoor school environments by identifying, correcting and preventing IAQ problems with specific program actions using low cost solutions.

·        Provide Quality HVAC

·        Control Moisture/Mold

·        Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

·        Cleaning and Maintenance

·        Smart Materials Selection

·        Aggressive Source Control

Check out the EPA’s IAQ Tools for Schools Action Kit!

CSG understands that Cleaning and Maintenance Management Programs improve IAQ in all healthy indoor environments! After 35 years of professional Facility Cleaning Services, CSG is a recognized leader in the building-services industry with expert practices in Green Cleaning in education environments, as well as, other commercial facilities. Read about CSG initiatives here at Why CSG?